This is my first time running a campaign in 4E, so please bear with me.

The campaign takes place in the “stock” world of Dungeons and Dragons, with the complete Monster Manual and other supplementals in place, as well as the cosmology.

The game starts out on the continent of Undin. Some of the more prominent locations on this continent are the cities of Petra, Gnometropolis, Shai, Khayle, S’Arai and Tethe’varda.

At the northern border of the Northern Empire lies The Wall, which protects the continent from the lands that lie Beyond, which are perpetually covered in shadow. Nobody who has ventured beyond the Iron Wall have ever returned. It is said that the Shadow Lands are ruled by an immensely powerful Necromancer.

Lately, more and more reports of undead have been popping up throughout the lands of Undin, and strange lights have been seen on the northern horizon.

First Run