Undin is the south-western most continent. It is bordered on the south by the Great Southern Glacier. To the west is the ocean, most usually referred to as The Vastness. On the eastern border another ocean, known as the Baraen. Standing vigilant at the northern border lies The Iron Tower, standing watch over The Wall.

The Lands of Undin are divided into five separate nations: The Northern Empire, The Confederated Tribes, The Allied States of Enlightened Peoples, The Dwarven Union and [[The Alliance of the Fey-children]].

Running west-to-southeast through the middle of Undin are the Jagged Teeth Mountains. The Alliance of the Enlightened lies at the western end of the mountains, and the tree line on the southern slopes marks their northern boundary. At the east end lies the Fey-wood of Kel, home to the Fey-children. Part of the northern reaches of Kel meet up with the Teeth near the volcano Ered Mornaur.

At the far western point of the Teeth, where they meet The Vastness, lies the vast city of Veh’lar, only permanent settlement of the Confederated Tribes. The Tribes control the only pass through the Teeth, the Unforgiving Road.

The Northern Empire controls all lands north of the Teeth and south of The Wall. At the eastern end of the Empire, where the Teeth meet Baraen, lies the great desert, [[Scour-Scar]]. Under this desolate wasteland lies The Dwarven Union.


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